Players can purchase E-Points through PayMaya, GCash, and PayPal

How to Purchase EP through PayMaya & GCash (Strife)

  • For PayMaya & GCash EP Purchases for Strife Server, just message GM Scarlet and indicate the amount you want to purchase Ex. 100, 200, 300, 400
  • Make sure you are purchasing from the official FB Account (There are a lot of posers and you may get scammed)
  • To verify if you are messaging the correct page just click on the button below.

How to Purchase EP through PayPal (Strife)

  • To purchase EP via PayPal, just click on the button below.
  • Make sure that you are purchasing the correct EP card code for your server.
  • To make sure that you receive your EP card codes, register in the shop website upon first checkout. You can view your purchased card code in “My Account > Orders” and you’ll also receive the code/s in your email.