Strife Server Details

Launched in May 5, 2017, Strife server is the longest running of our RAN Online servers. It has since been merged with our old Havoc server.

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Saint Server Details

Saint server is our second RAN Online server. It was launched on December 1, 2018. This game started at a max level of 150 and skill level of 127 and has been updated since. Our old Infinity server was merged to Saint server.

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Interval Server Details

Launched in 2009, O2Jam Interval server is the longest running, free-to-play O2Jam server available. You can play classic as well as custom songs. Relive your childhood in this awesome classic game.

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Our Promise to Players

We aim to provide a long lasting private server hosting to anyone who wants to play our games. We have been around since 2017 showing that we have a good track record in terms of longevity and continuity of our service.

We will continue to improve our facilities in order to cater to more players. Constant upgrade of servers and scheduled maintenance are being done to ensure the quality of service that we provide to you.

With e-Games Classics, you’ll be ensured that your accounts will last for a very long time. Even if you’ve been gone for a few months or years, you’ll always have something to come back to whenever you feel nostalgic of the game/s that you love.

Long live e-Games Classics!

Play e-Games Classics Titles

If you want to try out our existing games, just proceed to the downloads page to download the game that you want.